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Best Guided Tours In Sitka


  Sitka, Alaska is the largest city in the United States by land area, covering 2,870 square miles of Baranof Island and part of Chichagof Island. This island community is nestled between the mountains and the sea with rainforest in between. Sitka’s location offers some of the most unique guided tours in the country. Sitka […]

8 Adventurous Activities in Sitka

Sitka, Alaska Vacation

Vacation in Sitka, Alaska Whether you’re a frequent visitor or a first time traveller, Sitka is home to many entertaining activities you’re sure to love. Discover the community and culture of our Alaskan paradise with eight exciting ways to make your trip one for the books. Alaska Adventure Sailing Year Round – $300 per person […]

The Spirit of Sitka

Sitka, Alaska Mount Edgecumbe

Visit world-famous sites and breathtaking views during your stay at the Sitka Hotel. Experience the history of the Sitka National Historical Park totem poles, encounter animal rescues at the Fortress of the Bear and Alaska Raptor Center, or even see the remaining Russian cathedrals from years past. With over a dozen trails and estuary, lake, […]

The Nature-Lover’s Guide to Sitka

Sitka Alaska Hotels

Vacationing in Sitka, Alaska The coastal town of Sitka is home to an abundance of Alaskan wildlife and breathtaking views. In fact, our gorgeous landscapes are some of the most sought-after sites in North America. Immerse yourself in the nature of Baranof Island by hiking up sloping mountains or explore the west shores of our […]