Sitka is beloved by many travelers because of its breathtaking scenery and wildlife. These resources are wonderful and one of the many reasons why Sitka is a successful small town. There are great organizations throughout the area dedicated to preserving and restoring the beautiful nature we love. Check out a few of the best conservation projects in Sitka, Alaska.

Due to COVID-19, tourism has taken a significant hit. Less visitors coming to Sitka places these wonderful organizations in a financial bind. We have attached options for donating to each of conservation groups below and hope you’ll consider donating to help Sitka during these difficult times.


Brown Bear at Rescue Center

Fortress of the Bear

The Fortress of the Bear is an excellent resource for both the community and tourists. The wildlife sanctuary provides “protection and care to rescued animals in an enriching, educational environment.” The rescue center now houses 9 bears and you can see them on their website. They provide up front viewing of the bears and provide educational opportunities during your visit. The prices are very reasonable and your money goes towards helping the current bears and future bears in need.

You can help support the Fortress of the Bear here.


Alaska Raptor Center Eagle

Alaska Raptor Center

The Alaska Raptor Center provides medical treatment to over 200 injured birds annually. The effort was established in 1980 in the backyard of two concerned Sitkans, starting with one injured bald eagle and has blossomed from there.

The Alaska Raptor Center has closed public operations due to the pandemic, but they haven’t stopped taking in hurt raptors from around Alaska. This organization is still sticking to their mission without financial gain and that’s all you need to know about their honorable motives.

You can view the 25 raptors in their care currently and even adopt a raptor to help sponsor it’s food and enrichment programs. Please donate or ‘adopt’ a raptor here.


Parade for Sitka Conservation Society

Sitka Conservation Society

The Sitka Conservation Society was founded in 1967 and is located in Sitka. The group’s mission “works to protect the natural environment of the Tongass National Forest, while supporting the development of sustainable communities across Southeast Alaska.” Tongass National Forest is the largest national forest in the entire country so it’s a large task to take on. A major initiative that has taken place is the “Tongass Transition”, which helps shifting “industrial logging focus away from old-growth clear-cutting and toward development of a viable second-growth industry.”

Please donate to the Sitka Conservation Society here.

We are proud of the organizations from around Sitka that strive to improve the health of our land and animals. We urge you to visit these groups when you come to visit the Sitka Hotel and Restaurant. We can’t wait to hear about your awesome experience!