Hiking Must-Haves in Sitka, Alaska


Sitka has more trails than you can shake a walking stick at. The outdoors is a crucial part of enjoying your Sitka experience. Before you set out on your grand adventure, make sure you are prepared for your trek. Here are the must-have items you need out on the trail.   Clothing Sitka experiences cold […]

Fun Videos Showing Off Sitka

Mt Verstovia Alaska

Sitka, Alaska is an amazing place filled with adventure around every corner. Come experience the beautiful scenery, exhilarating winter sports, fascinating historical sites, world-class fishing spots, and unique boutiques you’re sure to love. We know seeing is believing, so sit back and relax. Here are 4 videos we found to show you the best Sitka […]

Fall Fun in Sitka, Alaska


Summer may be the busiest time for travel in Sitka, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best! Fall is an amazing time to visit the last frontier state. Around here, locals do most of their sight-seeing during the Fall because of the great weather, lack of crowds, cheaper atmosphere, and a beautiful, color-changing landscape. […]

Our Favorite Shops In Sitka, Alaska


It’s no secret Sitka is the epitome of small town charm, compete with cozy shops filled with unique and interesting gifts. You’re sure to find the perfect souvenir for that family member, and maybe even a special something for yourself! Take a stroll through the heart of Sitka and visit these awesome shops while you’re […]

Best Authentic Alaskan Cuisine Part II


Thought we were finished giving you the best Alaskan cuisine you can find? We’re back with even more dishes made from fresh, natural, and delicious ingredients that will make your trip to Sitka, Alaska one you will never forget. Here’s part 2 of the best authentic Alaskan Cuisine! Fish and Chips Can’t go wrong with […]

Summer Fun In Sitka, Alaska


Summer is always an exciting 3 months for locals and tourists alike. Here in Sitka, as well as Alaska as a whole, we value the joys of seafood, nature, and the Arts. Pack your bags and head to Sitka to enjoy a beautiful setting, new people from around the world, and fun events for a […]

Must See Attractions in Downtown Sitka


You’ve landed in Sitka and you are all settled in. With time to kill before your big plans, you find yourself looking for places that won’t take more than an hour of your time. Here’s our list of the best attractions downtown Sitka has to offer. Alaska Raptor Center Want to see beautiful birds of […]

Best Authentic Alaskan Cuisine


Alaska is known for its wild caught seafood, game meats, and fresh berries. Alaska’s unique history is a blend of native peoples, Russian explorers, and American prospectors that left behind their many food traditions. Fresh, healthy, and responsibly sourced meats. Here’s 4 must-try Alaskan meals you need to scarf down when you visit Sitka, Alaska! […]

Best Guided Tours In Sitka


  Sitka, Alaska is the largest city in the United States by land area, covering 2,870 square miles of Baranof Island and part of Chichagof Island. This island community is nestled between the mountains and the sea with rainforest in between. Sitka’s location offers some of the most unique guided tours in the country. Sitka […]