Sitka, Alaska is an amazing place filled with adventure around every corner. Come experience the beautiful scenery, exhilarating winter sports, fascinating historical sites, world-class fishing spots, and unique boutiques you’re sure to love. We know seeing is believing, so sit back and relax. Here are 4 videos we found to show you the best Sitka has to offer.

Snowboarding Down Mount Verstovia

Strap in for a beautiful ride down Mount Verstovia, one of our most beloved scenic sights. Sitka has tons to offer for winter sports enthusiasts, and renting the right gear or finding the perfect spot won’t be an issue. Also, don’t miss that gorgeous view of Sitka Sound at the top of the mountain!


Hiking Middle Sister

You’ll start on the Indian River trail and make your way up to Middle Sister. Be sure to bring something to clear brush in case you get a bit off course. It’ll take 3 to 5 hours to get to the summit, depending on your pace. Your view at the top will be well worth your time.


Couple Tours Sitka

If you want to take some time away from the great outdoors, you’ll have plenty of things to do! Watch this couple tour downtown Sitka, showing all the unique shops and small town life we enjoy everyday. History buffs will have a wonderful time exploring the sites build on Native and Russian culture. Feel free to stop by the Fortress of the Bear to see majestic bears up close!


Fishing in Sitka Sound

If you love fishing, you’ll love Sitka. This in-depth fishing and exploration documentary will show you the marine side of the place we love. Swelling seas, massive fish, and beautiful scenery will tempt even the most experienced fisherman. See if you can catch a whopping Lingcod or a Pacific Halibut.

Whatever your enjoy, Sitka offers you an unforgettable time. You can have fun racing down mountains on your snowboard, or trekking up mountains in your hiking shoes. A romantic getaway with that special someone guarantees delicious meals, cozy hotels, and plenty of shops to visit. Want to go out on the boat and catch monster lingcod with some buddies? Just step aboard.

Your fun-filled days need to end somewhere comfortable and affordable. Stay at the Sitka Hotel & Restaurant downtown for a wonderful stay. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at our top notch restaurant serving fresh Alaska seafood!