Alaska is the go-to place for active outdoors types looking to hike, snowboard, and deep sea fish. It’s a lot of action, but some people enjoy just relaxing around town during their vacation. Here’s some calm and relaxing ways to spend your time in good ole Sitka, Alaska.

Eat Comfort Food

There’s nothing like relaxing with a nice book and a full stomach. Lucky for us, Sitka offers several delicious and unique restaurants where you can find enjoy some of the best dishes around.

Beak Restaurant is a high-quality local seafood restaurant with a serious mission. Beak’s goal is to “celebrate and cultivate the local economy by creating sustainable year-round jobs in Sitka and by serving Alaskan-sourced food.” Definitely give this one a try and help support our local businesses!

Mean Queen is a versatile restaurant offering mouth-watering brunch, pizza, and some crazy good oysters. You’ll want to make this a frequent stop for breakfast, and you can surely find something everyone likes on their large menu.

The Nugget Restaurant serves American cuisine, such as steak & eggs, mushroom burger, prime melt sandwich, chef salad, and more. If you’re looking for a taste of home while you travel, this is the place for you.

Now, go get a delicious meal so you can have a nice, relaxing post-meal snooze.

Free Your Mind

If you’re more focused on clearing your head from the daily stresses of life, there are plenty of places you can go to de-stress and refocus. Sitka boasts several yoga studios located throughout the area, and many offer outdoor classes as well. It’s an excellent way to connect the mind and body in the beauty of nature.

Don’t like the whole “exercise” part? No problem, you can practice mindfulness all on your own with a nice, relaxing stroll in Sitka’s astonishing wilderness. Hear the birds chirping, the wind dancing between the leaves, and the warm feel of the sun shining through the canopy.

Alternatively, you can always take a hike to a scenic, solitary spot on one of the mountains that overlook Sitka Sound and just take a moment to sit and think. Sitka can be a very regenerative place– you just have to give it a try.

Relax With A Fishing Pole

Fishing is an activity that provides much more than just fish. If you catch a fish, you went fishing. If you didn’t catch a fish, you were essentially meditating. There’s nothing like sitting at the bank of a stream with your fishing pole and watching the world pass by. The fishing spot will be so beautiful you won’t care if you came home with anything.

Stay away from deep sea fishing if you’re looking for pure relaxation. Fish the interior rivers and streams for the most peaceful experience. You can’t beat the fishing scene in Sitka, Alaska.

Bop Around the Local Shops

Sitka has an awesome local boutique scene with all sorts of unique art and souvenirs, usually relevant to Alaska’s Native and Russian heritage. Sitka is a very unique historical site and was a meeting place for several different countries/tribes looking to maintain control over the natural resources.

Due to this history, there are always beautiful and inspiring pieces to purchase all throughout the city. From statues, jewelry, paintings, carvings, and more, supporting our local Sitkan culture makes a huge difference in the lives of our community.

Rest Your Head at the Sitka Hotel

Finally, after a day of peace and relaxation, you can crawl into your warm bed at The Sitka Hotel and drift off to sleep. We can’t wait to meet you and make your stay as restoring and calming as possible.